Learning Studio an Opportunity to Solve Real Life Challenges and Create Future Ready Competencies

Learning Studio an Opportunity to Solve Real Life Challenges and Create Future Ready Competencies

Imagine a space where technology could identify and address real world problems and work in teams to solve these problems, imagine a space where educators are encouraging students in social entrepreneurship and developers are solving real life challenges and designing products for engaging research outcome. Now with Learning Studio by Hewlett Packard, you can turn this imagination into a reality.

Learning Studio is a complete solution that leverages the power of cutting edge products such as 3D printing and computing which offers an engaging learning experience for the users. The users are exposed to skills and strategies such as design thinking, engineering and digital communication that help create future ready employment-based competencies.

Whether the users are in Hunsund Technology School in Oslo, Norway creating an energy power project, turning and twisting things on 3D or students in Barcelona, Spain high school or in Old Buckenham High School, UK where teachers and students both are practicing their skills, Learning Studio offers a tremendous opportunity to learn, motivate and construct a deep understanding of curriculum expectations.

Learning Studios are currently in place in over 70 schools across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. To support educators in the Learning Studios, Digital Promise Global provides professional learning opportunities, facilitates an online learning community, and develops and curates creative learning activities and projects for students. Teachers guide provides a comprehensive resource to take full advantage of the experience.

In Singapore, contact Edukinect at info@edukinect.com to find out how Learning Studio can offer an opportunity to solve real life challenges and create future ready competencies.

Posted on by Swapna Pawar

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