DigiGround Working with Edukinect

DigiGround Working with Edukinect

DigiGround has been working with Edukinect in developing their website and eCommerce site. We were first approached by Edukinect late last year (2016) to rehash their logo and build their website. We had multiple meetings with Swapna from Edukinect to get the design brief and build the website.

One of the main requirements was to ensure the shop section was easy to navigate and use by the people visiting. Together we came to the decision to utilise Shopify, a widely used platform for eCommerce shops. This made it quick and seamless to quickly add the shop to the website.

DigiGround has been happy to continue to work with Edukinect on their ongoing website maintenance. We believe that Edukinect is a highly motivated and professional company which helps companies improve their efficiencies using technology in the workplace.

As technology company, DigiGround supports Edukinect’s processes and services and recommends companies directly to them. When our clients need to improve their use of technology in their workplace, we will often refer them to the team at Edukinect as we are very confident in their ability to achieve the goals required.

Thanks to technologies like Team Viewer, Skype and other remote technologies, Edukinect is able to service customers all over the world. They are partnered with companies like Microsoft and HP to deliver their service wherever it is needed.

DigiGround is a proud partner of Edukinect and recommends their services whenever possible. We have no hesitation in working with Edukinect and are looking forwards to a long partnership with the team there. Contact Edukinect now to improve your business workflows through training and seminars.

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