Education in the classroom

Education in the classroom

There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. Here at EduKinect, we like to think of ourselves as the teachers. We make learning easier for you wherever you go with smart technology. For those education professionals who have not yet heard of us we install Microsoft Office for classrooms and then support you through the learning process to be able to use it efficiently.

A lot of education institutes we have worked with spend thousands of dollars purchasing Mircrosoft Office but do not learn the proper functionality. Therefore, the money they spend is wasted and their time is not properly utilized. Some of our classroom teachings include providing solutions for customers in the following ways:

  • Collaborate and learn with Office mix and sway
  • One Drive and Office online
  • Microsoft innovative Educator
  • Microsoft Office for Educational Professionals
  • Teaching with technology basic
  • Introduction to OneNote
  • OneNote Professional

EduKinect is an accredited Microsoft educational training partner which has over ten years’ experience implementing smart technology to teachers and students internationally. One of the major selling points Microsoft Office 365 has achieved is that people and content can find you. This enables your projects to be discovered and connects it with the right people through a product called in Delve and conversations through Yammer. This allows students to gain a better perspective with learning. Students and teachers can collectively collaborate with ease. So, simply speaking, learning is done better.

To know how we can help your classroom learn in a smarter way then contact us today. We will make sure you walk away with the knowledge to be more successful within the classroom. After all, here at EduKinect we believe great teachers are those who empathize with their students, respects the learnings and believe each person has something special that can be built upon.

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