Importance of technology integration in the classroom

Importance of technology integration in the classroom

An important goal of today’s education is to constantly innovate teachings to engage students in a meaningful way during their class lessons. This requires for the teacher to best utilize modern day technological tools and combine them with pedagogical approach to optimize learning outcomes for the students.

Teachers today are faced with influx of technology and it can be a daunting task for them to choose the best technology which will deliver the most relevant outcome in their classroom. Flipped classroom, delivering content through smart boards, digital inking, effectively using OneNote class notebook and Office 365 that teachers can successfully integrate to create a relevant and engaging classroom experience for the students. And the best part is that most of these tools are free for education. Online tools and apps offer a unique setting for students to engage in a group project. They can do the work from home; collaboration happens through the Internet and everyone is inspired by the connected environment.

Research also indicates that technology integration in classroom positively affects student academic achievement and performance. It also promotes higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. There are more opportunities of focused communication as well. All these are the 4Cs of 21st century education skills which are essential in preparing students for the workforce.

Posted on by Swapna Pawar

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