Mission – to enable better teaching and learning outcomes through efficient use of technology.

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Leverage the efficiency and versatility of enterprise – class computing in education​.

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Edukinect’s Choose your own device (CYOD) portal for your school or business.​

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Professional Development

Edukinect transforms institutes and organizations through a learning journey by integrating technology to empower teachers and students to enable better teaching and learning outcomes. Edukinect empowers educators through a learning journey by integrating technology with their existing lesson plans for a more meaningful classroom experience. Be it face to face, online or blended teaching, educators will be able to implement technology solutions to effectively optimize student’s learning outcomes.

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Education Technology Reseller

More and more schools are moving towards one on one device which can be a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device.) As an authorized education technology reseller for HP, Microsoft and Google, Edukinect helps you with the right selection of the device that is best suited for your organization's unique needs and requirements. Check out the broad range of HP laptops, Chromebook and Microsoft Surface laptops (digital inking capable) under store.

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