Creating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Experiences in a Meaningful Way

Creating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Experiences in a Meaningful Way

More and more education institutions are becoming eager at exposing students to STEAM experiences. Whilst these experiences can be an effective way to foster skills the students need in a global, competitive environment, it is equally important to understand that picking the right STEAM learning tools is the key.

Research has shown that it is important to enable students to explore spatial relationships, work with 3D models and measure distances between real objects. When the students interact with physical objects, they are connecting to the concept of physical experiences such as manipulating, moving, scanning and transforming 2D into 3D. Applications of the right tools can enhance student engagement and create a more meaningful learning experience for the students. It can also help students carry out their inquiries and test and design STEAM projects in the most relevant way possible.

Sprout Pro by Hewlett Packard leverages student’s ability to engage and interact with the STEAM projects effectively . Sprout Pro enhances and improves the way students interact with technology with an all-in-one immersive and blended learning education station. The applications such as Stop Motion, Create, 3D modelling and 3D printing facilitates the students to create, design, test, deconstruct and refine STEAM learning at a more collaborative and creative level. Through this way of active and engaging learning, the hypothetical problems are well designed and students can develop, finetune and finally reflect on their own solution focus approaches.

As with many innovative technology tools emerging, Sprout Pro offers promising opportunity to develop core competencies of STEAM. The connectivity and collaboration through various applications not only drives students to be innovative, but it also equips them with skills necessary to navigate their own complex conceptual thinking. As these skills deepen, the students can demonstrate excellence and true possibilities to achieve success.

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Posted on by Swapna Pawar

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