Our Partners

Below is a small sample of our partners

Edukinect forms associations with business’ to bring the very best solutions to our customers. Below is a small sample of some of our alliances.

Edukinect is a proud partner of the providers on this page and many more. To become and Edukinect partner, contact us and we can see how you might work with us to bring the best possible solutions. Our team is here to make sure that our Edukinect Clients receive the best possible support across the board and are always looking for other partners that can help. Edukinect is a solutions company and as you can see by our partners we seek partnerships with only high quality companies to improve our quality of services.

Edukinect can help to improve your company and build your business through the advancement of technology in the workplace and classroom. We are a solutions company that provides solutions and education through the use of technology. You can find out more what Edukinect can offer you by visiting our offerings page.

We will also support you every step of the way and you can contact us now to find out more. Read more about the work we have done in Edukinect Blog.

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Our Partners

  • HP

    Edukinect is HP Education partner and reseller.

  • Mirosoft

    Edukinect is a Global Training partner with Microsoft. We conduct several trainings on all Microsoft tools for Educators and Small and Medium Businesses to assist them in using Microsoft Technology effectively.

  • Apple

    Edukinect is the Apple Affiliate partner for Education devices

  • AEP

    Edukinect is an Authorized Education Partner with Microsoft for provision and deployment of Office 365 licencing for Education.

  • Google for Education

    Edukinect is a Google for Education Training partner.

  • Microsoft Surface

    Edukinect is a Microsoft Surface for Education partner

  • Lenovo

    Edukinect is a Lenovo Partner for Education and a Lenovo Affiliate Partner.

  • G Suite for Education

    Edukinect is a G Suite for Education Partner. Ask us about G Suite programs for teachers and schools.

  • ASUS

    Edukinect is a Asus education partner and reseller.

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We look forward to helping you learn and achieve your dream through technology implementation and training to realize your potential. Contact Edukinect today.