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Edukinect provides strategic, academic, process optimisation and technology implementation to educational institutions. Either directly or through the Edukinect Partners network.

Our consultants have over 10+ years of educational experience managing various educational institutions.

Edukinect invests in opportunities to engage with public and private education institutions in Singapore to provide a holistic Technology enabled solutions to the various institutions ranging from pre-schools to Schools and Universities.

How does Edukinect Work?

We shape our client's future, combining deep business insights with an understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. We focus on technology implementation and training within education and offer a highly objective view on business and technology to SMB's. We take the everyday firefighting away from your company to help you strategize, monetize and build a business future in a digital world.

You can find out more by heading to the Edukinect Services page.

Why Choose Edukinect?

  • Edukinect is your integrated education-efficiency-technology partner, providing 10 years of professional experience and services tailored to suit client goals.
  • Edukinect enables business owners and managers the ability to reduce manual tasks and increase productivity through training and streamlining processes.
  • We focus on strategic decisions, effective forecasting and implementing the right technology to suit your business needs is an achievable goal.
  • We help you remove roadblocks and move towards a more efficient process for your business through focused training and technology implementation.

We look forward to helping you learn and achieve your dream through technology implementation and training to realize your potential. Contact Edukinect today.